Python Developer

Engineering | Cape Town | Full-time

When someone with an idea wants to turn that idea into a formal business, they need to overcome a bunch of paperwork. Reducing bureaucratic friction would see more new ideas make it to the formal economy.

We’re excited about the possibility of creating bootable companies. A company that can be spun up in an instant and stay compliant with local regulations. All administrative regulatory burden abstracted from the user.

Our mission is to reduce the complexity of starting a company to a single click. And we’d like your help.


  • Write the back-end code that powers our platform and present it as a beautiful API for your frontend brethren.
  • Craft well-tested, beautiful and fast code in Python.
  • Fix bugs fast and take your time to solve hard problems well.
  • Keep the end user the primary focus in all your decisions
  • Write tests before you write code
  • Automate all the things

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