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The incredible benefits of registering a company

Neil on 24 July 2018
The incredible benefits of registering a company

Registering your business opens up new opportunities. Trust is earned from customers and suppliers. Here we’ll list just a few benefits you can expect from owning a registered company.

You’re protected by the law

It the eyes of the law, a registered company has similar rights to person.

Company registration is a service offered by the government to protect your assets and help you create a profitable company.

Why would the government do this? Private companies fuel the economy and provide jobs -- it’s in the country's best interest to see your company succeed.

Easy access to capital

Capital is a fancy word for *money you use to grow your business*.

Remember we said that companies are protected by the law? Well it goes both ways. People who loan money to companies are also protected by the law. A registered company allows people with different interests to enter agreements, knowing they’ll be protected. However, very little protection exists if your company is not registered.

Access exciting professional services

Heard the phrase B2B? It’s a term that means business-to-business. B2B is a large sector of trade where products and services are supplied to companies.

  • Wholesalers offer lower rates
  • Special import and export rates
  • Tailored business banking solutions and financial loans

No matter what your trade, you will find products and services exclusively offered to registered companies.

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