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Selling Food? What Licences Do You Need?

Francois on 18 August 2019
Selling Food? What Licences Do You Need?

If you want to sell food to the public there are certain official standards you legally have to meet.

This is not only for restaurants, but for hawkers, hotels and inns, food trucks, soup kitchens and any other place that prepares food for people to eat. When we put food into our bodies, there is always the risk that we could get sick from it, and so the law has made plans to make sure that this happens as little as possible.

How do I get a licence to sell food?

Before you start selling food, you have to get a certificate of acceptability from the Department of Environmental Health. If you sell food without a valid licence you may be liable of a fine up to R2 000.

Depending on the requirements from your local municipality and what you want to sell, you may also require a Business Licence and a Zoning Permit.These laws are different in each province.

The easiest way to get started is to contact your local municipality as they will have all the specific requirements you need.

Click here to find your local municipality contact

Do I need any other licences?

If you want to sell liquor, the law requires you to apply for a liquor licence.

If you want to play music, there are two licenses you need, one from SAMRO and one from SAMPRA.

Get cooking!

With this advice you can now start applying and get the paperwork done, soon you can be on your way to selling your secret recipe all over the country!

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