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SARS Registered Representative: Do You Need One for Your Company?

Stefan on 15 November 2023
SARS Registered Representative: Do You Need One for Your Company?

Need to know about a SARS Registered Representative for your business in South Africa? This guide will help.

We'll explain what a SARS Registered Representative is and why they're important for any registered company dealing with SARS. You'll learn what they do, how to appoint one, and all the required steps and paperwork.

We'll also show you how to change your representative and answer some common questions. This is essential information for new business owners or those updating their company's details, making dealing with SARS easier.

Here Are Some of the Most Common Questions About the SARS Registered Representative:

What is a SARS registered representative?

In simple terms, a SARS registered representative is the main contact person for your company at SARS. They handle all your company's tax matters online, like managing communication and accepting tax requests. Only the SARS registered representative can approve or deny tax-type transfer requests for your company.

What is a tax type on SARS eFiling?

To complete any company-related transactions via SARS eFiling, you need to have access to the company’s tax types.

By having access to a company’s tax types you essentially have permission from the company to handle their SARS-related transactions like submitting their income tax returns.

The only way to gain access to a company’s tax types is by requesting the company’s SARS registered representative to approve the transfer via efiling.

Who can be appointed as a company’s SARS registered representative?

Any person with a personal South African tax number who’s older than 18 can be appointed as a company’s registered representative. Keep in mind that SARS prefers that the company’s registered representative be a director of the company. If you appoint a 3rd party like an accountant, SARS is much stricter with the requirements.

Are directors automatically appointed as SARS registered representatives when registering their company?

No, a SARS registered representative must be manually appointed within 30 days after a company is registered.

What do I need to complete a SARS registered representative application?

To add a SARS registered representative you will need the following documents:

  1. Appointment letter signed by all directors (here is a template)
  2. A clear copy of the registered representative's ID document
  3. A clear photo of the registered representative where they are holding their ID document and a note that reads "update my details" (here is an example)
  4. Proof of the address of the registered representative's residential address. This must be a municipal account or lease agreement.
  5. A copy of your company registration certificate (COR 14.3)
  6. Your personal SARS income tax number (You can request it here)

How to complete a SARS registered representative application

Once you've prepared the requirements, you can follow these steps to Add a SARS Registered Representative.

Don't have time for the extra admin? Govchain can complete the SARS Registered Representative application for you.

How do I change a SARS registered representative?

You would have to complete a new application to change your company’s registered rep.

Do SARS registered rep appointments expire?

No, you don’t have to complete any monthly or yearly renewals to keep your company’s registered representative appointed.

In Conclusion:

By ensuring that your company’s SARS Registered Representative is correctly appointed and maintained, you're taking a big step in ensuring smooth and compliant business operations in South Africa. Remember, staying on top of these requirements is not just about fulfilling legal obligations – it's also about laying a strong foundation for your business's financial health and credibility.