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Naming Your Company

Neil on 9 June 2018
Naming Your Company

Choosing a company name can be difficult...

...really difficult!

At Govchain, we register your legal company name. Your legal name doesn't have to be the same as your trading name. Let's quickly go over the difference.

What is a trading name?

A trading name is what people call your business. It's on your logo and business card. Over time it becomes a brand that people associate with you.

What is a legal name?

A legal name is used to formally represent your business. It must always be written ending in Proprietary Limited or (Pty) Ltd. Your legal name is used by professional institutions to identify your business.

When should a legal name be used?

Your legal name should be used when communicating with the government or other businesses. For example, your legal name should be used when filing taxes, signing agreements or sending invoices.

How can I check if my company name is available?

You can use our company name search to see if your company name is available.

What if my company name is not available?

No two companies can have the same legal name. If you do a company name search and your beloved name is not available, don't worry! It's common to have a legal name that differs slightly from your trading name.

Well known examples:

Trading name: Apple | Legal name: Apple Computers Incorporated

Trading name: Vodacom | Legal name: Vodacom Group Limited