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How to start a security company in South Africa

Stefan on 9 November 2021
How to start a security company in South Africa

There are a number of registrations that must be done and certificates that must be obtained if you want to start a security company in South Africa, so we’ve listed the 6 most important registrations/documents below which you would need to start a security company.

Step 1: CIPC company registration

You must first register your company at the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) in order to trade as an officially registered company.

You will receive a company registration number from the CIPC department once your company is registered, which is vital to completing the rest of the registrations/certificates listed below.

Register your company

Step 2: COID letter of good standing

COID is also known as the workmen’s compensation fund. You must register your company at the department of labour for COID in order to cover your employees for any injuries they might obtain whilst they are on duty.

You will also receive a letter of good standing from the department which is a requirement for most tenders or contracts.

Get a letter of good standing

Step 3: SARS tax clearance certificate

A tax clearance certificate is a document issued by SARS that states your company’s tax clearance pin. The Pin is used to confirm your company’s tax compliance status at SARS.

Get a tax clearance certificate

Step 4: B-BEE affidavit/certificate

A B-BEE certificate and affidavit are used to confirm your company’s B-BEE qualification level. A B-BEE qualification level is based on your company’s black South African ownership. You can find more information regarding B-BEE HERE.

Get A B-BEE affidavit

Step 5: CSD

Once you have completed a Central Supplier Database (CSD) registration you will receive a CSD registration (MAAA) number that can be used by any department/individual to confirm your company’s information.

Get a CSD registration (MAAA) number

Step 6: PSIRA

The Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority or more commonly known as PSIRA is a government department that verifies that your company is deemed fit to offer security services.

You cannot apply for security tenders or contracts without registering at PSIRA.

Learn more about PSIRA

You can start applying for security tenders and contracts once you have completed all of your company’s registrations and obtained all of the required certificates!