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Business Ideas You Can Start in the Kasi

Nicole on 3 July 2024
Business Ideas You Can Start in the Kasi

Thinking of starting a business in the Kasi? We respect the hustle!

The township is buzzing with opportunities waiting for you to grab them. Here's a list of business ideas that could be your perfect match:

For Foodies:

Street Food Vendor

You could set up a stand and serve local favourites like kota, bunny chow, boerewors rolls, and braai meat and work to become the go-to spot for tasty, convenient food in the area – because everyone loves to chow down.

Home-Baking Business

Got great baking skills?

Sell freshly baked bread, muffins, cakes, and pastries straight from your kitchen.

Shisa Nyama

Bring people together with a sizzling shisa nyama (braai) stall where you can offer grilled meats and sides to create a social hub in the Kasi.

Food Truck

Take your cooking on the road and serve everything from traditional dishes to trendy Insta-worthy foods, following the crowds to keep your customers happy.

Here's everything you need if you plan on selling food.

Retail & Services:

Spaza Shop

Open a convenience store selling everyday essentials like groceries, toiletries, and snacks. They're always in high demand in the Kasi.

Hair & Beauty

Become the master of cuts, styles, braids, and grooming with your own salon/barbershop.

Fashion Finds

Open a boutique and sell trendy clothing, shoes, and accessories at affordable prices.

Tuck Shop

Set up shop near a school and become the supplier of snacks, stationery, and cool drinks to students to enjoy steady sales after school every day.

Tech & Media:

Internet Cafe

Provide web access, printing, and other digital services. Many people need a place to go online for job hunting, schoolwork, or staying connected.

Gadget Guru

Offer computer repair and gadget maintenance. From phones to laptops, someone always needs help with their tech troubles.

Graphic Designer

Are you a creative person? You can design flyers, posters, business cards, and more for other local businesses needing promotional materials.

Education & Training:


Offer tutoring in subjects like math, science, and languages to help students ace their exams.

Useful Skills Teacher:

Empower people in your community by offering courses in sewing, computer skills, or other useful skills you have.

Going Green:

Urban Farming

Grow fresh veggies and herbs to sell to the community and local markets.


Collect and sell recyclable materials like plastic, paper, and metal. Help the environment and your pocket!


Daycare Services

Provide childcare for busy parents. A good, reliable daycare is a goldmine in any community.

Event Planner

Organise and decorate for parties, weddings, and other events to put your creativity to use while making money.

These are just a starting point of ideas for your entrepreneurial journey, but the opportunities are endless if you put yourself out there.

So look around your Kasi, see what people need, and tap into your passions. Starting a business is the best way to improve your life and give back to your community – if you have that drive, go for it!

If you need help registering, or have any questions, we’re here and happy to help!