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How to start a hair salon

Stefan on 8 December 2022
How to start a hair salon

Hair salons are part of the spa and beauty industry that is currently earning more than R300m per year. Here are a few easy steps you can follow to get into the industry!

Step 1: Make your company official

First, you would have to make your business official by registering it as a (Pty) Ltd at the Companies And Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC).

Register your company

Step 2: Cover your employees and customers for injuries

Working at a salon is generally safe, but accidents do happen and it’s important that your employees are covered in such cases.

You can cover your employees for work-related injuries by registering your company for workmen's compensation (COID) at the department of labour.

Complete a COID registration

The same applies to your customers. You’d have to make sure that your business is insured to cover unforeseen expenses in the event of injuries by having business insurance.

Find out what business insurance best fits your business needs

Step 3: Licenses and regulatory bodies

You don’t have to register your salon at any Government department/body or obtain any salon-related licenses in order to trade as a salon business, but there are a few regulatory bodies you can register your business at to make sure you’re employees are trained correctly and you have all of the best assistance from established organizations.


The Beauty Health and Skincare Employers Association (BHSEA) offers businesses advice, tips, and legal assistance to make sure salons are running smoothly.


The South African Association of Health and Skincare Professionals (SAAHSP) offers training and educational services to its members. By completing courses at the SAAHSP you’ll always be on top of your game by having the latest expertise and advice.


Although it’s not a legal requirement to have qualifications, it’s recommended that hair salon employees (and owners) complete hairdressing courses in order to perform services as qualified hairdressers.

Always make sure that you complete courses that are accredited by the Hairdressing and Cosmetology Services Industry Education and Training Board (HCSIETB).

The HCSIETB sets the standard for salon-related services.

Bonus Step: Franchise

Buying a franchise would be your best bet if you need help finding a store, sourcing tools, training, and marketing.

Franchises are stores that are created by established companies. Franchisees will assist with setting up your business and give you access to their resources to help you succeed.

Keep in mind that franchisees normally ask for a percentage of your salon’s monthly income as payment for their services.

You can find a list of franchises that you can purchase on whichfranchise.