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Everything You Need to Know About Share Registers

Nicole on 5 June 2024
Everything You Need to Know About Share Registers

South Africa has recently introduced Beneficial Ownership requirements for all businesses.

This means companies need to reveal the real people behind the scenes, not just the names on official documents, and keeping a well-maintained share register is a very important part of this process.

What is a Share Register?

A share register is a summary of your company’s shareholding information; it is also a requirement for Beneficial Ownership disclosure.

What Information is in a Share Register?

  • Full Name and Address of Each Shareholder
  • Number of Shares Held
  • When the shares were allocated to each shareholder
  • Type of Shares Held
  • Details of Any Changes in Shareholding (Transfers, sales, or inheritances)

Why a Share Register is Important:

Legal Requirement

You need your official record of shareholders to report your beneficial owners to the government.

Proof of Ownership

Shareholders use this register alongside their share certificates to show they actually own a piece of the company.

Keeps Track of Changes

Shows who owned shares in the past and who owns them now, which can be helpful in case of share changes or disagreements.

Protects Shareholders

Makes sure shareholders know their rights, like how many votes they get.

Maintaining Your Share Register:

  • Record all changes in shareholding as they happen, including dates and details of transactions. You can keep a physical file or a digital file.
  • Ensure the information remains accurate and complete.
  • Store the register securely and make sure you have backups.

Keeping and maintaining a share register is important for all businesses in South Africa - with Govchain, you can create a share register and issue shares electronically for free.