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How to start a plumbing business in South Africa

Stefan on 28 July 2022
How to start a plumbing business in South Africa

Starting a plumbing business might seem daunting, so we have listed easy-to-follow steps below to start your own plumbing business.

Step 1: Register your company

You must first register your business at the CIPC department in order to trade as an official registered business in South Africa.

Register your company

Step 2: COID letter of good standing

It’s a requirement for all companies that have permanent employees to register for COID at the department of labour in order to cover their employees for injuries they might get whilst on duty.You will also get a letter of good standing from the department which is a requirement for tenders.

Get a letter of good standing

Step 3: Plumbing Industry Registration Board

All of your employees must be registered at the PIRB (Plumbing Industry Registration Board) in order to legally perform plumbing services.The following is required in order to obtain a learner PIRB license:

  • The person applying must be at least 18 years of age
  • Successfully pass the PIRB’s applicable Induction program
  • Provide all of their mentor’s details
  • Provide a training letter from their training provider

A learner must reregister every 12 months and can upgrade to a higher and specialized designation once they meet the additional requirements.Your employees can register for the following designations once they have gained the required experience:

  • Technical Operator Practitioner- Drainage
  • Technical Operator Practitioner-Cold Water
  • Technical Operator Practitioner -Hot Water
  • Technical Operator Practitioner- WATER ENERGY EFFICIENCY
  • Technical Assistant Practitioner

Find out more about the PIRB requirements

Any department or municipality that requires plumbing services will request your employees' PIRB registration licenses.

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By following the listed steps you will be able to trade as a compliant plumbing business and offer plumbing services to departments or the private sector.