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Getting started with social media marketing

Stefan on 25 November 2022
Getting started with social media marketing

What is social media marketing?

We've all used social platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to share photos with friends and family. Social media marketing is the same thing but sharing information about your company with potential customers.

How to market on social media?

We recommend you start by creating a company profile on each social media platform then pick the platform where you think your customers most likely spend their time and start sharing interesting content about your company.

There are the 3 ways to promote your company on social media.

1. Creating and sharing content
2. Using paid advertising
3. Using influencers (influencer marketing)

Let's break these down...

How do I create and share content?

Its free! Share as much as you can about your company, give customers a chance to learn about your products and you as a person. Show how your products or services benefit people, show how it's made, share success stories from your customers. On Facebook, use scheduling tools to preplan posts. Be proud of your business and use social media to connect with people who take notice.

How do I run paid advertising?

Most social media platforms have an extra tool for creating content for adverts. We don't suggest you attempt until you're comfortable creating and sharing your own content. Hootsuite has a great guide on advertising with Facebook and Instagram

3. Using Influencers

Influencers are individuals who promote business to their large fan bases usually for some sort of compensation. Influencers can make great partners as they generally 1) have an existing following 2) know how to make content.

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Don't forget...

Interacting with your followers creates trust and shows the public that you are an active business that cares about feedback or enquiries.

By using a combination of the social media platform strategies we’ve mentioned in this post, you’ll be able reach more customers.