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Best free online tools for startup companies

Stefan on 1 June 2022
Best free online tools for startup companies

Starting a company doesn’t have to be expensive. We have listed some of our favorite free tools which you can use to manage or grow your business.


Trello is a free website where you can set up a ticket-based to-do list. You can create an unlimited amount of cards (tasks) and columns to keep track of essential tasks. Multiple users can also access a Trello workspace (To-do list) to keep track of the work their co-workers have completed.


You can use Wix to create a free website in just a few minutes. Wix offers different templates which you can customize to your liking. Wix offers free websites with free .wix domains, although you can signup for their premium packages to get your own custom domain and to gain access to their premium features.


Hatchful is a free online logo maker created by Shopify. You only have to submit a few keywords to describe your company’s nature of business and select the type of logo you’d like. Hatchfull will automatically generate tons of logos from your selections which you can choose from and customize for free.


Unsplash offers free images you can download and use for marketing without any copyright risks.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a free alternative to Microsoft Office. Any person can use Google Workspace to create, edit and share Doc files, excel spreadsheets, and store files on Google Drive.

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Govchain Invoice maker

You can use Govchain’s Invoice maker to create and share all of your business’s invoices for free.

Govchain compliance reminders

After signing up to Govchain, you will receive free reminders of when your CIPC annual returns and SARS tax returns are due - you will be able to submit your returns online without completing any physical paperwork.